Our Specialties Include Installation, Relocation and Reconfiguration of:

  • Point of Sale Signage, Display and Dispensary Items
  • Pallet Racking
  • Steel Shelving
  • Pallet Racking Protection and Bollards
  • Low Level Crash Barriers
  • Mesh Deck Installations
  • Pallet Racking Inspections and Auditing
  • Long Span Shelving
  • Cantilever Racking
  • Work Benches and Packing Stations
  • Click and Collect Work Stations
  • Cool Room Storage of All Sizes
  • Load and Safety Signage
  • Custom Made Display Products

Due to the busy nature of the retail and warehouse environment, pallet racking & shelving damage can and does frequently occur. Any damage can have a cumulative effect on the structural integrity of your racking & shelving. In order to give you peace of mind and maintain the safety of your customers and staff alike, pallet racking/shelving needs to be monitored with regular inspection by a technically competent person. Pallet racking/Shelving inspections should be an essential part of your daily checks to ensure that Health & Safety obligations are met.

We offer a comprehensive Safety Audit service providing; a full audit of your racking and shelving along with a detailed report identifying areas of concern, together with an action plan and full list of all replacement componentry. 

We offer one off inspections or regular planned inspections as required.

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